A blog about depression? for real?

Placeholder ImageWhen I think about it, writing about depression is really depressing. Who wants to read anything of the sort? Not me.. Who cares if you are depressed? Who wants to know the dark thoughts behind this monster that eats you up from inside?

With the internet, there must be someone bound to care – someone who feels the same, who might think hell yes, this is how I feel.

Writing about depression – about my depression – is actually also funny. For those who know me, I am the outmost secretive person ever. I do not share. End of Text. Why? Well, because my motto is “Sorry, this is just too personal”. So what is the catch this time, what is compelling me to spill my guts out to strangers on the internet? To talk about my deepest fears and craziest ideas to people who can and might judge me, ridicule me?

I thought about using a pseudonym, but no. Not this time. I am admitting to myself that it is ok to be tired, it is ok to fall down, to feel drained and to ultimately need help.

Through this humble blog, with no followers, no adverts, I am seeking to find happily depressed fellows like me with whom to share the journey of recovery (fingers crossed).

More to follow…