I have been writing on mental health on my blog since early 2017. Mental illness touches more people than we would like to admit. My blog is personal, raw and unapologetic. I documented my journey through mental illness and was positively surprised by the amount of support and engagement I received.

This blog started simply as a testimony of my depression. I chose the tittle Happily Depressed because I believe there is always beauty even in the ugliest moments of life. Forward a few months, and I get the new diagnostic that makes the site’s title certainly spot on.

Forward a few years, and it figures most of this was wrong. Yes I am bipolar but I got misdiagnosed and also until lately given the wrong treatments.

This blog is a testimony of my journey. What I offer here is honesty and grounds to share feelings and thoughts with those who are blessed to dive deep into their darkest thoughts – hoping to finally find peace of mind and be able to once again enjoy what life has to offer them.

My blog changed and grew with me. Now I am interested in recovery, in the lessons learned, in finding a point to it all…

What is life really about after crossing to the other side? Should we recover? Why and how? Is mental illness a gift after all ? If mental health is a topic of interest to you, pay the blog a visit and leave me a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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