On depression

We are all different individuals. We live in different countries, have different cultures, and even different brain chemistry. Yet, no matter how individualistic this might be, the truth is most of us can identify with broad topics such as depression and happiness.

So what is depression really? Why do we get it? Why does it hit some of us and not others? Can we heal from depression? Can we function with depression? Plenty of questions and maybe not enough answers.

To me depression is emptiness. It is a state where nothing of value matters; a deep void full of pain and shadows crawling into my brain cavities saying loud and clear “what is the point?.” Depression is the time I feel I don’t exist, should have never done anything I did before, and cannot possibily think of anything that could make want to do any action. Days are long, nights are also often longer. Talking is as painful as listening. No amount of staring at the ceiling while staying in bed is enough. Life is a long drag of putting my feet down, taking uncertain steps in this fear of the unknown. Depression in my view is the realization that my brain is scary and totally out of control….

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