Am going back to the clinic

I cannot live

I am manic

I am aggressive

I am mean

I am angry

I am sad

I am insane

This I cannot change and not even love can

Not doctors nor medications

I want to end this

Not to be continued

4 thoughts on “Am going back to the clinic

  1. Change is scary let alone exhausting! All those feelings u’ve mentioned we would’ve all felt them too had we been in a supposedly “free of stimulus” place for sometime and then moving to a place with kids with lots of demands, sounds, challenges and stimulus. Believe me Nour, the sanest thing to say is that NO one is sane!
    Don’t be hard on yourself and cut urself some slack. It’ll be hard in the beginning but nothing lasts dear.

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  2. I love you Nour and I’m here for you and will always be!
    Just remember what we studied… depression makes one see no future but that’s only temporary. Remind yourself all the time that “it’s TEMPORARY”
    And just when we’re on Diet and about to hoover a plate of pizza and stuff ourselves with chocolate afterwards say those words first before thinking negatively:
    “When you want to give up, tell yourself you will hold off for just one more day, hour, minute—whatever you can manage.”


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