Going home

I dreaded this moment

This dream of happiness

Those who knew me before I changed…

I dreaded this moment of looking into their eyes and seeing questions said without words…

I am home after a whole year

I feel as far as I could have ever been

I hear my family laughing with the children, I see them happy

I feel weird and I try to cover for it

I want to crawl back into my bed and stare at the ceiling alone

I try to hold the thread but am losing my grip

I cannot do this

They want me better

They need me better

If only their wishes could be my commands

I knew I would disappoint

I wish I can change the way I feel

Reminds me of Radiohead… Creep

One thought on “Going home

  1. I love u Nouuuuuuuu no matter how u feel n whichever state ur in and I’m GOD DAMN sure all ur friends n family do too. Be whatever u are and we’re still there. P.S were all that creep. Who isn’t luv!


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