Dark thoughts

They sneak in they crawl under my skin

Never invited they come in

I wish I knew when to expect them

They twist and divide themselves into thousand particles

They make me think of the worst possible outcome

I close my eyes and push them back

As I do they get stronger and louder

I keep this fight till my voice is gone

Do something they command to end it

I am voiceless, paralyzed with nothing but fear

I am invaded, occupied by the worst enemy

Oh dark thoughts why do you come back, didn’t we agree I can’t?

I wish to obey but strength I have not

I wish to disobey but fear I cannot

Leave me alone I silently scream

Too late they laugh you are not you anymore

My only consolation is maybe then I would be left alone

Maybe then no more tears will be shed

Perhaps everything will settle into place

No more screaming no more guilt no more pain

It would be the gift of life to everyone

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