A call for help…. I can’t beat Sunday

I thought with the new treatment I am following, that I will manage my feelings better on weekends.

It is unfortunate that nothing makes the weekend tolerable. Not my best friends coming for a surprise visit, not me going on a weekend with my family, not me getting help with another nanny specially for that, nothing works.

Please someone tell me if they feel the same like me. It is driving me insane and I have lost all ability to make myself feel better.

4 thoughts on “A call for help…. I can’t beat Sunday

  1. I’m so sorry that it’s bad but what I know from live examples of dear friends is either changing doctors until you find a suitable one or the medication. Many change medications until you find something that works best for you but if you have just changed yours then you need to wait a bit to see the effect! In addition to that is also ECT that two of my friends tried and became much better. I heard that ECT is magical to severe depression. Bless you!

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  2. Thank you Anonymous for your help. I will have to wait though it is painful to do so. I will talk to my psychiatrist about ECT who knows! Maybe it works for me though I don’t know much about it, I have to say it scares me. Was it difficult for your friends ?


  3. I had to ask them and they mentioned that they have to put you under general anesthesia so you don’t feel anything but maybe some headache afterwards and some short-term memory loss like what you ate for breakfast or things like that! According to both, it was a turning point for them when things finally began to be better!

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